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On-Grid Modules

The Peimar’s on-grid solar panels include several lines with different characteristics, but with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. The very accurate quality control makes possible to achieve the highest standards of efficiency and reliability, which guarantee a positive power tolerance and high performance
even in low light weather conditions, as well as high resistance to weather, such as hail, snow loads and wind.

Small Off-Grid

To bring energy everywhere even in the most remote places.
Peimar Off Grid panels are particularly suitable as a support for public lighting, thanks to their excellent performances in low voltage power supply (12V). They can be used in all settings that don’t need any direct connection to the power grid, such as camper vans, boats, mountain huts and installations in remote and isolated areas. With a power range from 10W to 150W, the PEIMAR’s off-grid panels are very versatile and suitable for all needs, adapting also to the smallest spaces.


Peimar offers a wide range of inverters, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction for both residential and commercial installations. Extremely easy to install and configure, Peimar inverters combine an excellent quality / price ratio with a high yield, making it an excellent choice for your residential, commercial or industrial photovoltaic system. Thanks to the Wi-Fi module and the free application, you always and everywhere have access to the most important data, the values and the performance of the installed inverter.