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The Peimar’s on-grid solar panels include several lines with different characteristics, but with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. The very accurate quality control makes possible to achieve the highest standards of efficiency and reliability, which guarantee a positive power tolerance and high performance
even in low light weather conditions, as well as high resistance to weather, such as hail, snow loads and wind.

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We test every single Peimar panel, in order to meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency and resistance. We are constantly developing new quality control procedures, production processes and material that we use, because our mission is to satisfy the customers’ demands and offer them the best possible service for they long-term investment.

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Flexible and resistant: our polycrystalline panels are suitable
for every kind of application/installation.

The perfect synthesis of flexibility and efficiency


High quality Made in Italy,
mixed with a modern and attractive design:

Here are Peimar’s monocrystalline lines