The excellence of Made in Italy

Italian company specializing in the design, research and production of high efficiency photovoltaic modules

Thanks to constant technical innovation and in depth know-how acquired over the years, Peimar offers “Made in Italy” solar panels, manufactured using high quality materials and designed to meet the highest performance standards. The optimization of highly automated production lines and attention to detail are the strong points of the company. Our production site in Brescia can boast a production capacity of 350MW per year.

Our Mission

is to satisfy our customers demands

and offer them the best possible service, thanks to  strong and long-lasting relationships with distributors, installers and of course the customers themselves.
Customers can be confident that our panels meet the most stringent international standards making them suitable for all kinds of application.
PEIMAR’s business success is built on a genuine passion for renewable energy and green living, coupled with extensive experience, expertise and competence in international markets.

Whole-hearted commitment to our vision, with quality as our guiding principle, have turned Peimar into a leading company in the field of photovoltaics.

is our

Research & Development

The R&D department plays a crucial role in the innovation process of our company.

At Peimar, we think that innovation is the core element for creating a sustainable human society: that’s the reason why we are committed to implementing innovative technologies and to developing engineering competences which can help us to improve our production processes.

Our company has particularly devoted itself to research and development, and this distinctive trait of ours has made it possible to constantly enhance the quality of our products, thus also enabling us to provide a customized service. Energy-efficiency, energy-savings and the production of energy from renewable sourced are key elements in building a sustainable future.

At Peimar, we strive hard to make a positive contribution!