“PID FREE” Certification for Peimar modules

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PEIMAR modules have obtained IEC TS 62804-1:2015 certification, by passing the “PID FREE (Potential Induced Degradation) resistance test.



PID  is the abbreviation of Potential Induced Degradation, which is the modules power loss, caused by the negative voltage between the solar cell and the earth.

It is unfortunately a growing phenomenon in the photovoltaic sector, linked to the differences of potential and of the leakage currents. It is present in all the used technologies: thin film, mono- and polycristalline silicon, with standard or back-contact cells.

It occurs due to the high difference of potential, which generates  a current flow from the cell to the frame, to the ground and it is intensified by the moisture. The conductivity of the air and of the glass surface increase as a consequence, they  favour the passage to the ground and facilitate the leakage currents.


The consequences of this phenomenon are:

  • A charge on the surface of the module, released by the leakage current, that interferes with the correct functioning of the cell and influences the performances;
  • Loss of power, caused by the loss of electrons and by the increased resistance.



The release of this certification confirms not only the high quality and durabilità over time of PEIMAR modules, but also our constant commitment to use high quality materials and components and to improve the production processes, as well as the monitoring and control processes of our products.


The download of the certification is now available online