Attracted by the steady solar market development dynamics and the safe business environment, Peimar has decided to join the Australian market with a brand new branch office in Melbourne.

Responsible for the business development plans of this new branch office will be
Mr Milan Koev, who recently joined the Peimar family as Country Manager for Australia.

He is optimistic about the market perspectives and Peimar’s success as he commented:


“Peimar has an unique value proposition for both segments – residential and C&I (commercial and industrial).
Residential users of solar systems need high performance modules in order to fully utilise their limited rooftop space and achieve the maximum power capacity.

On the other hand with subsidies and tax credits being constantly reduced, the importance of the system longevity is growing.
That’s why with our unique 30 years linear warranty, we guarantee that households will benefit from a system with our modules 5 years longer than a standard warranty (of 25 years) from other manufacturers.

For an average 3 kWp system in Melbourne area for example, 5 years longer system life means around AU$3,600 additional savings (depending on consumption).
And this number grows significantly when we talk about C&I projects, where investors start to actually earn money after the 9th or 10th year of the project operation when the debt is paid back.
So our 30 years warranty basically adds between 35% and 55% to the ROI (return of investment) based on the PPA (power purchase agreement) rate and investors can now sing a longer term of the PPA.”




For further information please contact:

Hawthorn, 737 Burwood Rd, Melbourne VIC 3123, Australia
Phone: +613 8862 5487